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This program targets children ages and have special features to aid children that have English as a second language and also those with learning disabilities. This researched based program is a unique approach to learning phonics, spelling, keyboarding and word processing.

This might lead to some confusion for young learners as the J and F keys on most keyboards have slightly raised bumps on them.

Children can learn letter names and sounds individually and within words as well as make a connection between the letter on the keyboard and which finger to use while typing it. I like it that even with the first letter, students are encouraged to "write a story" with that one sound. The brain learns best by repetition and RWT offers just that through its variety of practice activities and games.

Soon, they are able to type anything they can say and read what they write. The music, the storyline and the characters keeps children engaged as they use this sensory and interactive activity to learn develop fluency in reading and associate letters and their sounds.

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This program has several unusual features. So that students can move to typing words as soon as possible, the keys are not taught in the usual home row order.

Students identify sounds, build words by typing sounds, read, write, then create stories.

This program includes 40 lessons that teach and provide enough practice to effectively learn and retain what is being taught. What this means is that the following browsers are able to run the program: The cookies set by our programs do not contain any private information and will be automatically deleted when you close your browser.

It covers many areas of Language Arts, including phonics, orthography spellingword processing, punctuation and even keyboarding.

My six year old was completely engaged. Rather than name the letters by name, they are named by sound, with vowels being initially identified by the short vowels. If you have forgotten your login, please contact your instructor in order to get your details or to get your password reset.Identifier read-write-type.

Scanner Internet Archive HTML5 Uploader Year plus-circle Add Review. Best Typing Program Ever! When I was four, my parents gave me this game and it was one of the best gifts they ever gave me! It is so much fun and is at a level that is easy yet challenging at the same time.

I have been typing ever. Read, Write & Type Learning System Online, Information and Pricing from SMART KIDS SOFTWARED. In our effort to keep Read, Write and Type current and working on browsers now and in the future, we have retooled the resources to work with HTML5.

It's also where kids will log in and play the online editions of Read, Write & Type and Wordy Qwerty. So, you might want to bookmark this important destination. Once you've set up your kids.

Read, Write & Type {Talking Fingers Inc. Review}

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Play online today. Read, Write & Type Online Edition Ages: 5 - 8 Price: $ Type: Software By Talking Fingers Inc. Description. Read Write & Type is uniquely based on saying words and "sounding them out." It integrates phonics, reading, writing, spelling and typing.

Read, Write & Type by The Learning Company for Grades (CDROM and Teacher's Guide) (4 sets) $12 for all 4sets. Buyer pays shipping charge, additional.

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Read write and type game free online
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