My ambition in life essay in marathi

Many a time I have left my work at the weeping of the neighbors. I take oath not to fleece my patients of their hard earned wealth. Some wish to become leaders of the country to gain honor. I shall always help the poor and the needy.

I want to prove that a Scientist is a selfless person who toils for the benefit of fellow human beings. I shall not run after riches. My ambition in life is not wealth, power or high social status.

I do my best to help those who need my help. When I enjoy my Science lessons in school, I use to think it is a great enjoyment to stay in touch with the nature.

Essay On My Ambition In Life In Marathi

I am determined to be a doctor. I shall never be on the lookout for fresh cases. I too have my own ambition. I shall be a doctor, different from the doctor who grows fat at the expenses of others.

Some desire to be great scientists. I need money only for my bare necessities. There an others who are mainly led by a spirit of adventure. I do not believe that life is a successful journey until we mark our footprints in history. I wonder if I would make difference to the society.

As a doctor it will be my object to charge only reasonable money for the medicine or medicines supplied to my patients. The same needs a lot of patience and one needs to learn the art of embracing failure as success nearing soon.

I have spent hours and hours together to remove the cause of their sorrow. My parents are supporting me a lot and I focus much on my studies so that I can take my career to the point where I become a Scientist in future.

When I become a Scientist, I am sure my parents and teachers would be proud of me. The latest craze among young boys and girls is to go to foreign countries.

For this purpose I have made up my mind to join a good medical college after passing Pre-medical Examination. I do not want to collect any wealth for myself.

This being the case I have decided once for all to spend the rest of my life in the service of the suffering people.Essay On My Ambition In Life In Marathi. essay on my ambition in life in marathi how to write psychology essays dna makes rna makes protein essay dissertation independent reading essay on my aim in life as an engineer essay writing for grade 1 greek mythology research paper Essay On My Ambition In Life In Marathi Essay On My.

My Ambition in Life – Scientist: (Short Essay) Like every student who is ambitious, even I keep dreaming about my future.

My Ambition in Life Essay- Essay on My Ambition in life for students of lower class

I wonder if I would make difference to the society. Get help with your writing. 1 through 30research paper on sigmund freud Essay On My Ambition In Life In Marathi me talk pretty one day essay why do i want to further my education essayMy ambition in life essay in marathi/10().

My future ambition. Everyone has a dream and ambitions in life, people dream of being rich and living a good life and owning huge company, but for me, my ambition is to help humans by freeing them from suffering caused by diseases and ill health. Essay On My Ambition In Marathi.

My ambition in life essay to become a collector Free Essays on My Ambition In Life To Become A Collector for students. Use our papers to help you with yours. My Ambition Become a Collector: exaggeration of your dream and thoughts of how you want to be in your life. Jun 08,  · My ambition in life is not wealth, power or high social status.

I am too modest a young man to aim at any of these things. My ambition is simple enough.

My ambition in life essay in marathi
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