Internship report on training and development of mutual trust bank

Those who will pass Banking Diploma Part-I Examination in the first chance securing highest mark will receive an additional cash reward of TK. A bank can be best by its functions, it collects the savings of the public, it gives loans and advances and it creates media of exchanges through cheque.

A total of 26 participants from different departments, divisions and branches took part in it. The bankers or the holders of the money give sign papers to their depositors as evidence of the deposit money. Employees are satisfied on the training and appreciated training manual. Group Insurance facilities will get the entire confirmed employee.

As the business landing money became more and profitable, money holders began to offer interest on the money deposited with then at a rate lower than that obtained on loans. In the branch level when an employee could transfer to another department during that time that employee is needed at least ten days training according on the transfer position.

HRD can find out the best fitted employees for the organization. But all things around us are changing at an accelerating rate.

The data collected from the survey have been used in this chapter to analyze with the help of Pie Chart. When theoretical knowledge is obtained from a course of study, it is only the half way of the subject matter.

The holders of this surplus money soon found out that it was profitable to lend out the money, the provided loans were repaid before the date when the money would be demanded. Maternity leave may be granted by the competent authority to an employee for a maximum three months period at a time.

There are many methods of training, but in the banks of Bangladesh two methods are commonly used, lecture and on-the-job training. Mutual Trust bank, as we know, is one of the fastest growing banks in Bangladesh. Post Eligibility for Promotion: The new changing HR professionals carry with new responsibilities and confronts.

It has already 69 branches. If MTBL use a better training manual to provide training to the trainee then trainee will more fruitful and it is helpful for organization to achieve goal. This made the researcher interested to study in this area. Chapter Introduction 1.

Tellers and Trainee Officers are got Consolidated Salary only, because they are on provision period.

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The Managing Director gave much importance on bankers advance training. The Primary sources of data: The Bank undertakes all types of banking transaction to support the development of trade and commerce in the country. More training and work shop on increase customer interaction: But in HR department the numbers of employees are 10 to This report is the result of three month’s internship program in the Human Resource Department of Corporate Office of Mutual Trust Bank.

Regarding my days spent at Mutual Trust Bank, I gathered knowledge that is going to help me in building my career in future. CHATER – 1 Background of the Study: This internship report on Mutual Trust Bank Limited (Baridhara Branch) is prepared to fulfill the partial requirement of the internship program as full Foreign Exchange subject of the BBA program of The University.

Standard Bank (Internship Report) Chapter Introduction. O Loan against Trust Receipt The top management of the bank is also a major strength for the SBL & contributed heavily towards growth & development of the bank.

The too management officials all. "Comparative Study of Financial Performance Between Mutual Trust Bank Ltd and One Bank Ltd ".Thank you very much for the help you provided me during my internship period.

_ ow, I would like to request you to please accept my report and oblige me with the honor of.

Dear Sir, Here is the internship report on “An Overview of Banking Service of Mutual Trust Bank Limited (MTBL) ” - the prerequisite of the three month long internship program. The internship program has provided me with an opportunity of having an exposure to the working environment in General banking of the MTBL, Tejgaon Branch.

Subject: Submission of internship report on “L/C Breakdown of Mutual Trust Bank Limited”. Dear Madam.

I am highly delighted to submit the internship report of my three months long internship program in Mutual Trust Bank Limited at PanthapathBranch.

Internship report on training and development of mutual trust bank
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