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Another way to enter into the new market is the direct export. In this way, it will be easier for Morrisons to acquire competitive advantage and gain sustainability within the country in which it is operating. Major Assignment — Part 1: Cost of hiring new employees will also get reduced and no new technological establishment will be needed to carry out the manufacture process Shenkar and Luo, Competitors and Competitive Advantage Globalization also brings along competition as well as competitive advantage for international companies.

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Therefore, acquiring small firms would be beneficial for GSK international business report assignments at present entity is financially strong company can easily add new products in its present range Beamish, There will no need to face any kind of deficiency in resources to produce the product in the new market as it firm will have assets and liabilities of the another company.

Thus, it is up to the company how it takes advantages of all those opportunities and avoiding threats. So, through this entry mode it is possible to perform in the existing market and more awareness linked with the products is possible in short period of time. As GSK is financially sound company so it can choose horizontal merger as a entry mode through which it can get more resources to produce international business report assignments products in more appropriate manner.

Effective plans and strategy are required to be developed so as to perform efficiently at global level and in turn this can increase capability of organization to face challenges present in the business environment.

Apart from this organization has to focus on quality of its products and it must be kept high Killing, Free trade and entry barriers in various countries bring competitors from around the world for local companies of a country.

This method is very well established and traditional method to enter into the new and potential marketplace. So overall it can be said that acquisition is the another way which can be adopted by the GSK to enter into the new potential market.

Your assessment should be prepared in report style format and should include the following content: This is the another method to take entry into the new market in which the company can start its new business from the zero ground.

However, if choosing your own organisation the country selected must not be one in which your company currently operates. For example, countries in the Middle East will not allow Morrisons to run an advertising campaign using a female model wearing western clothes. Company also needs to take care of certain aspects that may affect the public image of organization.

Furthermore, through acquisition large amount of funds can be saved as in this mode business is only set up and by acquiring other firm it is possible to perform on larger platform so as to become leader in the market.

As the GSK is already having very reputed position in the market so this will give advantage in terms of immediate recognition of the brand in the host market Ricks, GSK can produce the product in its home country and sell them to the target country.

Details will be provided by your subject lecturer.

In order to apply the different modes of entry three countries chosen for this includes Qatar, India and China where in country like China and India operations of GSK are already present and in Qatar new unit will be set up for carrying out operations.

For this the firm needs to purchase new property in the target country to carry out its business functions and then will invest in installing new machinery and hire the new manpower from the local market. It can also be a good option for the new market entry in Qartar. Pharmaceuticals industry is considered to be very large and many challenges are present that prevents firm to achieve its desired objectives.2 ABSTRACT During the course BUSA International Business for the Fall Semesterone of the key requirements of the lesson is to conduct an assignment with the title: Foreign Direct Investment in a developing or developed country.

International Business Individual Assignment Opportunities and challenges that a foreign investor faces when seeking to invest in the Indian Aviation Industry.

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BA Business (with Professional Experience) - Table of Contents Introduction! 2 Emerging Wealth & Work Force! 2 Competition and. To be done on Toyota, Nissan or General motors entering a foreign market. (E.g Toyota entering China) Has to be A market entry that is dated Year or later. Include the Uppsala Model if applicable.

Include entry strategies e.g direct or indirect export, joint ventures etc. Include type of. Assignment Help Samples International Studies Globalization and International Business Sample INTRODUCTION Globalization is the process of incorporation across world-space occurring from the interchange of views, ideas, products and other aspects of world and its culture/5().

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international business assignment – ii Introduction A significant shift is taking place in the world economy today; previously each nation had different and relatively isolated economies from each other by different barriers to cross border trade.

Importance of International Business Homework Help by STUDENTS Assignments web. International Business contains the commercial transactions of all the companies and business organisations that take place within two countries, regions or cities.

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