Higher taxes on junk food essay

Increasing taxes would make the prices of Junk food expensive Higher taxes on junk food essay reducing the appeal they have on consumer.

It is difficult to imagine producingbehavior change of this magnitude through education alone, evenif government devoted massive resources to the task. There are also a lot of fatal diseases, which over taking sugar will increase the possibility of you getting them, such as cancer.

A lot of government resources are spent in the treatment of cancer, diabetes, heart disease and obesity patients.

To conclude, for most countries which the obesity rates increased a lot recently, sugar tax is neccesary. This increase in tax will stop most people from overtaking sugar, as it will give us a notice of the side effects of sugar.

Another form of discipline that may be instilled by higher junk food prices is adoption of regular time schedule for meals. However, with New Mexico facing a potential re-taxation of all foods, the concept of a junk food tax would represent a limitation on proposed taxation.

This may also force them to turn to healthy lifestyle such as eating healthy diets and exercising. The level of contribution of sugary drinks to a variety of health problems impacting our nation may be subject to debate.

Some of these junk foods such as chips and crisps are very cheap, easily accessible and require little or no preparation before eating and therefore making them highly preferable over healthy diets. One can debate the detrimental impact of certain junk foods and the potential or lack of potential positive impact that taxing them might have.

Reduce the costs of treating medical issues to which junk food contributes. I would say this kind of arguements are completely nonesense, as the issue is so complicated which the arguement fails to explore the complexity of it. By doing this the government would be killing two birds with the same stone.

Junk foods encourage impulse spending among individual who are accustomed to them. Citizens may simply feel that the freedom to make individual dietary selections is beyond the realm of appropriate government regulation?

For example, there is some dispute about the impact that sodas have on obesity and the impact that a tax would have on soda consumption. The tax unfairly targets junk food.

Is a junk food tax categorically different? Would hurt industries that create and sell the taxed foods, potentially costing jobs in those industries. The government has struggled even more to raise resources for treating patients suffering from diseases brought about by excessive reliance on the unhealthy junk foods.

Submit We should have a higher tax on sugar and junk food. Opponents Americans Against Food Taxes has started a campaign urging citizens to petition politicians to oppose taxes on junk food. It might be true that spending on sodas represents a larger portion of income for the poor. Increasing taxes on junk food would encourage healthy eating behavior and healthy lifestyle.

Most cancers cannot be cured. Taxes will be more effective at discouraging consumption of junk food that education alone. Because of the high saturated fat content, these foods have become a major risk factor for the chronic diseases mentioned above. Also sugar is causing more death every year than ceggrettes, so to be taking responsibility of our own health, we need sugar tax.

The government can easily raise the resources required to perform these duties by imposing higher taxes on the Junk food. Making junk food unavailable would instill discipline in such persons by forcing them to work for what they need instead of relying on short cuts.

Generate additional revenue, part of which could be used to offset costs of treating medical issues that arise from over consumption of junk foods. Reduced accessibility of junk food as a result of raised taxes would not only encourage savings by individuals, but will also enable the government to save up on its revenues too.

We as human need some sugar, but if it is too much for us, it can cause variety of problems. Among all potential unhealthy habits that people may enjoy, junk food would be unfairly singled out.

Some of the arguments reflect conflicting beliefs on fundamental facts. Feel free to post additional arguments in the comments section. In contrast,a sales tax on sugared drinks would generate considerable revenue,and as with the tax on tobacco, it could become a key tool inefforts to improve health.

Arguments For and Against Junk Food and Soda Taxes

According to a recent Reuters article:The debate over junk food taxes is drawing increasing attention from both sides. Continued debate over of the adverse health impacts of sugary drinks is coupled with heating debate over the propriety of a tax on a dietary pleasure — a pleasure some believe people have an unassailable right to partake in, but others find to be a health.

Placing higher taxes on junk food within Caribbean countries will prove beneficial as it would help in reducing the accessibility of junk food to consumers, improve the country’s economy and help improve the health status of individuals.

Increasing taxes would reduce accessibility of junk food to consumers thereby translating to a reduction of these negative consequences to the ultimedescente.comsing taxes on junk food would encourage healthy eating behavior and healthy lifestyle.

Higher taxes shouldn't be placed on junk food I think people should get to choose what they want to eat instead of being forced to eat healthier food. People should get to eat junk food if they like or if they want to eat healthier they should get to.

Imposing a fat tax on saturated fat, junk foods, sodas, etc. would be best because of many health and money related issues that it could possibly solve.

We will write a custom essay sample on Fat Tax specifically for you for only $ $/page. Seventeen states in the United States already have certain taxes on junk food which.

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Junk Food Taxes Essay. obesity prevention, and nutrition education. The underlying purpose is to focus on maximizing health benefits.

It has sparked controversy on the levels of additional bureaucracy, interfering with personal liberties, and freedom of choice.

Higher taxes on junk food essay
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