Globalisation and the media essay

The rural people are greatly influenced by the news and information shared by the media through radio. At the same time it gives us the overall picture of what is happening in the rest of the world. During Hellenistic period commercialized urban centers were focused around the Greek culture which stretched from India to Spain.

Globalization or globalization describes an ongoing process by which regional economics, societies and cultures have become integrated through a globe-spanning network of communication and trade, as mention in the site en. The media through television can reach to the mass people.

Media refers to the different means of communication like radio, television, internet etc. With the share market and the online trading and banking facilities people have started shifting from the conventional ways of doing things to this modern easier and hustle-free method.

Advances in satellite broadcasting have secured the presence of the giant mass media firms in the cultural and information market place of every region of the world. Media is one of the major facilities that affect the globalization.

Mass Media: Impact of Globalisation on Mass Media

However, mobile phone users and the increase of them would help the economy in a better picturefor examplebeing and using mobile phones will cost money so for the countrykeeping the money inside the country is better than taking it outside, to keep the economic flow running.

This is not just restricted to advertisements of clothing or grocery but at the same time about pension plans and banks. Movies depict the various issues of the society and politics and it greatly influences the viewers and a lot of the time leaves them thinking about the social and political issues and acts as an eye-opener.

The most visible effect of globalization is wide spread communication. This cultural diffusion opens up the mindset of the people and lets them know the world in a much matured way. In fact it generates a lot of income and adds to the economy of the media.

These giants are News Corp. After the press media there was the discovery of radio and television. The news provided through the internet is mostly updated at every instance and is more precise and easier to find than other sources of the media, as mentioned in site: However in the rural areas it has a great impact.

Where it has benefited a lot of countries on one hand, on the other it has also generated significant international oppositions over all the issues that has increased inequality and environmental degradation.

With the years passing by and increasing globalization there is sophistication of advertising methods and advancement in the techniques adopted. However with the years progressing the methods and techniques of advertising have become sophisticated creating a better and much aware world and hence turning luxuries into necessities.

Moreover it has a greater impact on the rural as they are able to connect to the radio easily. These programs on television depict the various cultures all around the world. Mass media is a section of the media determined to reach a greater audience. Developing countries in particular are getting a huge advantage of this wireless connection between different gender, age and nationality or people, as mentioned at site: People would be updated on for an event or a news report or forecast info before even going on the television or even on the internet, as mentioned at site: It affects in society, economical, culture and tradition.

As mention in the article. The use of radio amongst them is now restricted only to music and that has also reduced remarkably because of technological advancements like I pods and music phones.

Also it provided great deal of flexibility to the use of visual media. With the help of globalization and internet being a source of it there is an exchange of these cultural and traditional aspects leading to an merger of culture.

Globalization in media has also made us aware about the economical and political conditions of a particular country but also provides us with entertainment of all sorts. Politically as news info, people will communicate using the wireless device in any place is just faster than using the internet or even watching TV.

United Kingdom tops the list with an average television rate of 28 hours per person per week, as mention in the site Media Use Statistics When the press media had not come into picture, people used to communicate by writing letters and sending them through direct mails.

However this impact has its own disadvantages, its advantages are much more. Currently there are five major corporate players in international mass communication.

A lot can be understood and adopted through movies as well. This is because of the seasonal shows which they watch for a certain number of weeks and then may not watch for next couple of days after one season of the show is over, as mentions in site:Free Essay: 4. Does globalisation imply cultural homogenisation?

Your answer should consider specific local and global media examples and should include. Globalization of Media: Key Issues and Dimensions 67 communications and information technologies have provided methods for large corporations to maximize profits by entering foreign markets.

Globalization" emerged as a buzzword in the s, just as "interdependence" did in the s. And media globalisation has contributed to increasing media production and consumption, this essay will outline the different views about the advantages and dis advantages of global television (TV).

Globalisation has no specific definition, I believe the best two ways for it to be defined would be, “the death of distance” (Frances Cairncross) and the other definition is, “Globalisation is the integration of economies through markets across frontiers” (Martin Wolf).

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Media refers to the different means of communication like radio, television, internet etc. It plays a very. Mass Media: Impact of Globalisation on Mass Media. Article shared by: ADVERTISEMENTS: This article provides information about the impact of globalisation on mass media: During s new technologies transformed the world of media.

Newspapers were written, edited and printed at distance, allowing for the simultaneous .

Globalisation and the media essay
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