Employer branding social media thesis

Statistics concerning percentage of population fulfilling higher education programmes can help us portray and determine the level of influence these parameters have on companies. As already explained, synergy exists between the two assets.

Employees or employers who perceive a breach of the contract are likely to respond negatively, this may occur in forms of reduced commitment, loyalty and retention Millmore et al. This is cause of concern not only for the economy of DK, however, also for companies, who are all competing in the same pool for talent.

The attributes of this element are the objective and technical facts about the job which typically are to be found in a formal contract. In relation to our framework we find it relevant to mention ways of measuring the assets of attracting the right people and the assets of increased organisational loyalty and commitment.

It is crucial for a company to compete successfully for the talents in order to stay competitive in a market. Employer branding value propositions The next step in our framework, once the employer brand identity has been considered and developed, is the employer brand value proposition EVP.

As mentioned, it will be interesting to experience how the crisis influence will impact on this matter. The prior relates to the strength of a brand from which brand recognition and brand recall stem, whereas, the latter relates to consumer perceptions of a brand Keller, The pyramid depicts five levels of needs.

Once the employer branding value proposition has been designed, we believe an organisation has the foundation for implementation. At this point in our framework we would like to highlight what we believe an organisation should consider in order to have the most effective and successful communication of the employer brand.

Examples of product attributes to be mentioned are salary, benefits, expected working hours, typical working assignments among others. It should be noted though that the interaction between the two are central. The employee turnover rate can be relevant in this regard as well, as statistics on absence due to sickness.

An organisation is a social setting that shapes the values and opinions of the members. The consequences for employer branding are not yet evident but one can conclude that the jobs are fewer and further apart.

The values not only represent the way in which the company operates, however, also the way in which they view themselves, and want to be perceived as a company.

The other states that: Labour market statistics Before delving into further analysis of the area statistics concerning the employment and unemployment rates can shed light on the level of competition for talent Statistics Denmark, The choice of channel in the external communication depends on the desired target group but should also add to the employer brand whether it being through career fairs, the company website, TV or radio-spots, written media or through sponsorships.

Level of education It is possible to further enlighten the issue through investigation of educational back-ground Statistics Denmark, It is an opportunity to describe the current employees and the organisational culture.

Therefore, 10 parameters have been set up. The rationale of this element is that people might identify with the personality of the brand and therefore be attracted to it.

There is a constant search for goal attainment and so, companies cannot expect as loyal a workforce as was previously the case Hundevadt, Societal influences Determining the sociological perspectives surrounding a company will establish a picture of how to best progress the implementation of employer branding.

One should understand that the synergy can also take a negative turn becoming a vicious circle where disloyalty and lack of commitment result in attraction of the wrong people and so on. As evident in the quote, Aaker suggests that a value proposition should communicate three central benefits.

Value proposition Once the brand identity has been considered the value proposition can be provided. In this phase the marketer should consider the target audience and the paths of communication Aaker, The purpose of creating an employer brand is to outline the positive benefits for employees of buying into the relationship with that employer.

Result of interaction between external and internal branding As in the framework of Backhaus and Tikoo, two assets are generated from the employer brand.

Therefore it is important for organisations to consider.An employer branding strategy takes its point-of-departure in the employer branding value proposition (EVP) which is the basis for both external and internal marketing efforts. However, we argue that an organisation is to begin with. The paradigmatic standpoint of the thesis is a combination of social constructivism as an position and employee profile, and choosing the media to announce the vacancy (Larsen, Employer Branding: Guidelines, Worktools and Best Practices ().

Report/thesis title Employer branding through social media platforms in financial con-sulting companies Number of pages and appendix pages 45 + 0 The purpose of this thesis is to analyse the use of social media and its effects on enhanc-ing Employer Branding, as done by 5 case companies in the financial consulting industry.

Master thesis Employer branding as competitive advantage Important employer branding elements from the perspective of young professionals Student: Maria Uebbing s [email protected] Faculty of Behavioural, Management and Social Science University of Twente, Enschede Examination committee: Dr.

M. van Vuuren S. engaged in some form of employer branding activity. Inan employer brand survey conducted by the Economist among a global panel of readers revealed a 61% level of awareness of the term "employer brand" among HR professionals and 41% among non-HR professionals.

Employer branding helps companies attract and retain high.

Lahti University of Applied Sciences Degree Programme in International Business PHAM, THINH Social Media in Employer Brand Communication Focus on SMEs in Finland.

Employer branding social media thesis
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