Covering cardboard letters with fabric

Turn the corner back at an angle, stretching it gently to get a neat edge, and staple down the point. Starting at really any place you want, attach the strips using your glue gun.

Yes By Nancy Guest Post February 15, found this helpful Has anyone used medium-weight cotton on top of some quilted batting? Scissors Pen or pencil Trace out letter on top of your corkboard.

Once I figured that out I really began to fly on these letters. Peel off the backing papers and place the letter upside down on to the fleece. Are you running out of glue sticks yet???

I like 3M spray adhesive. Fold back the fabric margins and staple them down, again starting in the centre of a straight edge and working towards the corners to keep it smooth.

A word of advice here. Allow some overlap which you can always trim off lateras this way, you know you will not end up with any bare spots showing along the edges. Cutting the fleece to size Step two: Is that even a word? Since we were in a long distance relationship right from the start we have a lot of cards and letters that we sent back and forth during those 6 months.

Trim the margin to 3cm all round. Trim the fleece so that there is a 3cm margin all round the letter. From fleece fabric or wadding One rectangle, 4cm larger all round than the letter.

How to make fabric-covered letters

Make cuts in the photos where you need to so they fit over the corners. This simple but effective no-sew project involves manipulating fabric over readily available decoupage bases.

One rectangle, 2cm larger all round than the letter, for the back. Measure sides and ends and cut out all pieces. I got the BIG bag of glue sticks at Walmart for about 2 bucks.

Place a few lines of glue around the edges on the side of the letter and place fit piece of corkboard on top. As you can see, the trim nicely covers all the unfinished edges, including the corners. Photos, cards, letters, notes, etc.

Covering letters with holes Step eight:Find and save ideas about Covering boxes on Pinterest.

Covering a Cardboard Box with Fabric

| See more ideas about Fabric covered, Fabric covered boxes and Diy storage boxes. Fabric Covered Boxes Fabric Covered Letters Fabric Boxes Fabric Scraps Diy And Crafts Craft Rooms Diy Home Decor Shoe Box Craft Make your own beautiful boxes by covering ordinary cardboard.

Aug 18,  · Here's how to cover a box with fabric. We'll be making a good sized fabric box, and you can make it any size or design you want.

Cut your cardboard down to the size you want and attach with. How to make fabric-covered letters allow more fabric to cover.) 1.

Six Unique Things to do with Cardboard Letters

Preparing the cardboard backing. Step one: covering your Liberty print letter Covering the letter with fabric. Step four.

I am looking for directions on how to cover a cardboard box (the box and cover) with fabric, to decorate a walk in closet, and a baby's room. Make Your Own Fun, Fabric Covered Letters Ever since I set up my home office I have had a place on top of my shelving unit that has just cried out for something to be put on it.

Since I already have lots of framed pictures on one wall and a cute wall quote on another, I was looking for something different. Find and save ideas about Cardboard letters on Pinterest.

| See more ideas about How to make letters, Diy letter boxes and Paper mache crafts for kids.

Covering cardboard letters with fabric
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