Chapter one questions

The group heads back to the center of campus, Finny and Gene walking side by side. The flashback that begins midway through this first chapter and lasts throughout the entire novel creates an odd effect: Chapter 1 Summary Gene Forrester, the narrator of the story, returns to the Devon School in New Hampshire, fifteen years after being a student there.

Although Gene has deliberately returned to Devon, in many ways his purpose seems to be to prove the impossibility of true return: Gene tackles him, and they wrestle each other in the twilight while the others run ahead. As the novel progresses, the reader gradually comes to realize what it would mean to Gene if he had not moved beyond the person he was during his high school years.

After staring at these steps for a time, he goes back outside, passing the dormitories and the gymnasium, ruining his shoes as he trudges across the soggy playing fields in the rain.

After they get up, Gene walks faster, and Finny teases him for wanting to be on time for dinner. The school bell rings, signaling dinner, and Finny trips Gene and wrestles him to the ground.

Gene does so, but the other three boys refuse.

Microbiology Test 1 Chapter 1

He eventually reaches the river and searches for a specific tree on its banks, which he locates with some difficulty in a grove of trees similar to each other.

Finny tries to persuade them to jump off a branch of the tree into the river—a feat that no student of their age has ever tried before. He reflects on how fearful he was in those days—the early s, while World War II raged in Europe—and decides to visit the two places that he most closely associates with that fear.

Gene finds himself in a mild state of shock once he reaches the limb. The jump is done by the older boys in the school as part of their physical training prior to their graduation and departure for the war.

Thus, he feels disconcerted at how new and varnished the school looks, as if it had been frozen in time since the days when he attended. While we can assume that Gene recounts external events relatively accurately, he seems less forthcoming about his own emotions and desires.

Realizing now that their wrestling has indeed made them quite late for dinner, Finny and Gene skip the meal and go straight to their room to do homework. He walks around the campus and notices that everything seems well preserved, as if a coat of varnish had been applied to the buildings, keeping them just as they were during his time there.

He then sends Gene up the tree for his turn. He reflects that this tree now seems so much smaller than it did during his youth, and a French proverb comes to his mind: As he ponders the plunge, Finny orders him to jump.Use the questions in this lesson to support students' understanding of chapter one.

The Outsiders By S.e. Hinton - Chapter 1 Quiz

The Pearl Chapter One Chapter one of The Pearl sets the scene for the story, creating a framework of how people. Levels of Thinking. This lesson uses Bloom's Revised Taxonomy as the organizing principle for the questions.

Levels of Bloom's are used to. Quizzes › Science › Biology › Microbiology › Microbiology Test 1 Chapter 1. Microbiology Test 1 Chapter 1. 18 Questions | By Favored1 | Last Number of questions: Changes are done, please start the quiz.

Questions and Answers One of the reasons microorganisms are used in research is that they have most of the same sturctures.

A summary of Chapter 1 in John Knowles's A Separate Peace. Learn exactly what happened in this chapter, scene, or section of A Separate Peace and what it means.

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Chapter one questions
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