Battle of the teutoburg forest

The Sassanids invade the Eastern empire again The plague spreads thoughout the Roman empire, decimating its population Napoleon completed his conquest of Prussia within six weeks, before Russia could act to aid its ally.

The United States invades Cuba, making the Crisis escalate into nuclear warfare. The Union would be over… forever. Determined to prevent it, he goes back in history to seek its origins.

But an essay by the late Lewis H. The blade appears to have been treated with a tinted black chromium or with an alloy with chromium, hence the Class I to II condition that deems it as the finest example of a gladius known.

The Roman armies headed towards this fortress: Septimius Severus begins a campaign in Britain The tribes of Lusitania rebel against Roma BC: Gallienus becomes the sole emperor Trajan Battle of the teutoburg forest Dacia that becomes a Roman province Aquileia is founded on the head of the Adriatic BC: Probably the first book-length alternate history, Napoleon and the Conquest of the World: The idea of the defeated being thrown into a hole can be seen with various artifacts on this website.

The praetorian prefect Cornelius Fuscus led five or six legions across the Danube on a bridge of ships and advanced towards Banat in Romania. Defeated, Decebalus retired to the mountains, but he was followed by the Romans and so was obliged to commit suicide.

Battle of Ulm

In the South, post-war measures lead to runaway inflation, poverty, and the victory of the violent Freedom party. Meanwhile, a war of independence would stir in South America. Basil II annexes Bulgaria and the Byzantine empire reaches its zenith From an Antiquities Dealer in Germany The overall length of the Eating Knife is 23 cm, the blade near the hilt has remnants of four square teeth.

Tiberius is murdered and the mad Caligula succeeds him, the only surviving son of Agrippina 39 AD: Another interesting fact is that Varus had very often eaten meals with Segimerus and Arminius. Basil I defeats the Arabs and reconquers Cappadocia The Forum of Augustus is inaugurated 2 AD: The patriarch of Constantinople and the pope in Roma excommunicate each other the Great Schism The Sassanids invade Mesopotamia However, the Nazis have the hydrogen bomb, which also gives them the technology to fuel super-fast air travel and colonize space.

What If? 19 Alternate Histories Imagining a Very Different World

One chapter mentions a fantasy novel in which the Emperor suffered a major defeat in the Belgian town of Waterloo. The Shang slaves defected to the Zhou, which greatly demoralized the remaining soldiers, many of whom also defected. Nearly half of all Roman legions in existence were sent to the Balkans to end the revolt, which was itself triggered by constant neglect, endemic food shortages, high taxes, and harsh behavior on the part of the Roman tax collectors.

It would end not with the prostitute Roberts and her wealthy client Richard Gere living happily ever after, but with her dying of a heroin overdose while he drives into the sunset, cackling maniacally.

Teutoburg Forest

The slaves of Etruria rebel BC: This book, with its historical commentary, made many critics take sci-fi far more seriously, showing that it was more than just alien invasions and spaceships.

Vitellius and his followers are defeated by Vespasian, the general of the Egyptian legions, who becomes the new emperor 70 AD: According to Suetonius Aug. The expedition began as a light force of 20 ships before being boosted into a naval armada of more than ships with over 10, troops.

The Romans made a desperate attempt to storm the wall, but failed, and the highest-ranking officer next to Varus, Legatus Numonius Valaabandoned the troops by riding off with the cavalry.

In this battle, about 20, soldiers were massacred. With the last remnants of the old Republic destroyed, the Triumvirate took control of Rome, which soon became a new empire under Caesar Augustus Octavian.

Theodosius dies and the empire divides in a Western and Eastern Empires, with Milano and Constantinople as their capitals, granted to his minor sons Arcadius and Honorius but ruled by their advisors, Rufinus and general Flavius Stilicho Nov 06,  · The Battle of Muye was fought between the tribes of Zhou against the Shang Dynasty for control over China.

Battle of the Teutoburg Forest

The Zhou army consisted of 50, skilled soldiers, while the much stronger Shang forces exceeded. Material: Bronze Era: Early 2nd Century AD Culture: Roman Style: Greco/Roman Origin: From an old English collection, purportedly found in North Africa in the s.

Miniature art and inscriptions have been found on all three of the existing rivets, althoiugh the photographing of these is a bit of a challenge. Battle of the Teutoburg Forest; Part of the Early Imperial campaigns in Germania: Cenotaph of Marcus Caelius, 1st centurion of XVIII, who "fell in the war of Varus" (bello Variano).

Reconstructed inscription: "To Marcus Caelius, son of Titus, of the Lemonian district, from Bologna, first centurion of the eighteenth legion.

53½ years old.

Battle of Jena

Battle of Ulm, (Sept. 25–Oct. 20, ), major strategic triumph of Napoleon, conducted by his Grand Army of aboutmen against an Austrian Army of about 72, under the command of Baron Karl Mack von Leiberich.

Austria had joined the Anglo-Russian alliance (Third Coalition) against. S13 E12 A Plague on Both Your Horses Looks like chills are multiplying this week on The Incredible Dr.


10 Ancient Battles That Ended Empires

A nasty bug has hit the clinic causing multiple staffers to call out sick. Back to: De Imperatoribus Romanis The descriptions of Assorted Imperial Battles are listed below in alphabetical order.

If you wish to see a map of the the location of a particular battle, simply click on the hypertext link for the name of a particular battle.

Battle of the teutoburg forest
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