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Both documents reflect the great reverence of the Founders and their understanding of the Bible. The basic foundations of American conservatism can be boiled down to four fundamental concepts. The third city in this progression is Rome, where we learn of the highest form of government, the republic, and the use of the separation of powers and checks American conservatism essay balances for the control of political power.

Burke also taught that the most important political virtue is prudence—the art of calculating the eventual results of policies, of avoiding extremes, of shunning haste. The only legitimate function of a government is to secure these rights, and, again, only with the consent of the people.

If you are ever asked what conservatism in America stands for, you can say it stands for what is in the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution, and you will have given as good an answer as possible.

We might call them the four pillars of modern conservatism: Along the way, the conservative movement built a coherent philosophy that still exists today.

But over the years, British rule began to undermine American liberty. The influence that British political thinkers had on conservative philosophy could fill many books. Burke was Irish, a member of the House of Commons, and is probably the closest thing we have to the intellectual father of modern American conservatism.

This means that both governors and the governed are subject to the law. It used terror, deceit, and subversion to achieve its ends and was determined to force its ideology on the rest of the world. Even Democrats sometimes distinguish among members of their own party in terms of conservatism.

Conservatism is based on the idea that the pursuit of virtue is the purpose of our existence and that liberty is an essential component of the pursuit of virtue. In this way, our American Founders were also the founders of the American conservative cause.

Thus, in America, there can be no rule by arbitrary decrees, and justice is settled by fixed rules and duly authorized judges. They oppose abortion, same-sex marriage, and sexual permissiveness.

Postwar Conservatism How, then, are these principles reflected in the conservative movement as it rose to prominence over the past half century?

The Founders recognized that government was necessary but also recognized that unless its powers are strictly limited, government can threaten the freedoms it was established to protect. Man is a political animal, he taught, and only recognizes his talents and how to use them for the common good if he is part of a community.

They wanted to worship as they saw fit, to speak their minds, and to earn a living freely. The dilemma the Founders faced was how to create a government that would be powerful enough to protect the rights affirmed by the Declaration from both internal and external threats while also providing sufficient checks and balances so the new government would not have so much power as to overrun those rights.

These two documents have rightly been called the most perfect, and most successful, conservative documents in the history of the world. The Declaration of Independence and the Constitution, taken together, were the work not of a moment, an hour, or even a lifetime, but of two thousand years of Western thought, political struggle, and hard-won knowledge about political power and the pursuit of liberty.An Argument for Conservatism - Neoconservatism is a variant of the conservative ideology which holds positions that fall between traditional and individualistic conservatism (Ball and Dagger, b, p.

). Beautiful Losers: Essays on the Failure of American Conservatism by Samuel Francis (Author) out of 5 stars 2 customer reviews/5(2). American Conservatism Beginning with Nixon and continuing with Reagan after the radical changes of American culture in the sixties and seventies, Americans would begin to shift towards more conservative ideas unsure of the rapid radical change.

American conservatism had emerged as an intellectual movement in the s, had become a political movement in the s and s, and then, with President Reagan, a governing movement in the s. Along the way, the conservative movement built a coherent philosophy that still exists today.

Jacob Weithorn HIS Professor Hemmer Essay 2 The religious right has been a part of American politics as far back as the ’s but its presence in the late ’s and ’s was very influential in many ways. In this essay, we seek to clarify the historical and philosophical differences between the two major Anglo-American political traditions, conservative and liberal.

We will begin by looking at some important events in the emergence of Anglo-American conservatism and its conflict with liberalism.

American conservatism essay
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