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By the ninth century AD, a string of dynastic states, including the earliest Hausa states, stretched across the sub-Saharan savannah from the western regions to central Sudan. But since the wild success of M-Pesa, the revolutionary mobile money solution that has transformed financial services in East Africa, several innovative fintech products africa business reports services have erupted across the continent.

Fossil remains of several species of early apelike humans thought to have evolved into modern man, such as Australopithecus afarensis radiometrically dated to approximately 3.

Africa business reports this time, dry conditions have prevailed in Eastern Africa and, increasingly during the last years, in Ethiopia. This could potentially save thousands of lives especially in emergency situations and for patients in need of critical blood transfusions.

The domestication of cattle in Africa preceded agriculture and seems to have existed alongside hunter-gatherer cultures. Kanem accepted Islam in the eleventh century.

Although sole proprietorships are more frequently used by female entrepreneurs, only three economies have similar or equal number of women business owners relative to men. In most cases, just about one in five adults has a bank account, and most transactions are still done in cash.

However, at the moment, just about 15 million of these households are pay-TV subscribers, and this number is expected to reach 30 million by Lagos, Nigeria In all my previous special reports, for andreal estate has always been featured.

China’s Investment in Senegal

Between andthe British West Africa Squadron seized approximately 1, slave ships and freedAfricans who were aboard. Last year, Merck — the global pharma giant — expanded its digital health accelerator program for the first time outside Germany to Nairobi, in East Africa.

Today, the wealth that is breeding a new generation of millionaires in Africa is being created through new and unconventional business opportunities. It would be interesting to watch how this fast emerging industry evolves in The Kingdom of Nri was established around the ninth century and was one of the first.

The Nri kingdom is famous for its elaborate bronzesfound at the town of Igbo-Ukwu. Ghana declined in the eleventh century, but was succeeded by the Mali Empire which consolidated much of western Sudan in the thirteenth century.

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I do not expect the tough business climate or lack of government support in Africa will change much in ; in truth, these have never stopped the winners from winning. Forty-four of the economies that participated in the Entrepreneurship project provided some sex-disaggregated data for A major climatic recession occurred, lessening the heavy and persistent rains in Central and Eastern Africa.

Currently, countries across the continent suffer a significant real estate deficit. Nevertheless, they face greater financing obstacles than larger firms—they enjoy less access to external finance and face higher transactions costs and higher risk premiums.

Young African entrepreneurs like Affiong Williams, founder of Reelfruitare taking on the food processing challenge in Africa. The hardest hit were the major commodity exporters, especially Nigeria, Angola and South Africa.

This exercise was developed in with the main objective of comparing the unit costs of different types of road works in different countries. According to a study by Dataxisthe five biggest pay-TV markets account for Anti-slavery treaties were signed with over 50 African rulers.

Between the 15th and the 19th centuries, the Atlantic slave trade took an estimated 7—12 million slaves to the New World. I anticipate will be another interesting year for digital healthcare in Africa.

With less than one doctor per 20, persons in countries like Ethiopia and Tanzania, the healthcare industry in Africa is in a perilous state.

In the forested regions of the West African coast, independent kingdoms grew with little influence from the Muslim north. Islamic North Africa had become diverse, and a hub for mystics, scholars, jurists, and philosophers.SABC News brings you the latest news from around South Africa and the world, together with multimedia from the SABC's four TV and 18 radio stations.

Graça Machel explains why the trust she leads has launched networks for women in business and in agriculture. The interviewer is Bronwyn Nielsen of CNBC Africa. This eye-opening article explores the new and unconventional business opportunities that are creating new wealth and more millionaires in Africa.

Oct 24,  · CROSSROADS, South Africa — The end of apartheid was supposed to be a beginning. Judith Sikade envisioned escaping the townships, where the government had forced black people to live. The Economist offers authoritative insight and opinion on international news, politics, business, finance, science, technology and the connections between them.

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Africa business reports
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