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Parents of children in private schools may also see the advantages of this in their own lives. Another hobby that I find easy and fun is photography. For example, film editing is a hobby that requires a high level of knowledge and expertise. However, I do not agree with the idea of accepting equal proportions of each gender in every university subject.

Many young people work on a volunteer basis, and this can only be beneficial for both the individual and society as a whole. Despite being straightforward, taking photos is a satisfying activity. Firstly, it would be difficult to calculate the correct amount of tax reduction for these families, and staff would be required to manage this complex process.

In fact, I would argue that it goes against the values of a free and fair society to force a group of people to do something against their will.

In conclusion, the selection of university students should be based on merit, and it would be both impractical and unfair to change to a selection procedure based on gender. Some people think the main purpose of schools is to turn children into good citizens and workers, rather than to benefit them as individuals.

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On the other hand, difficult hobbies can sometimes be more exciting. Do you agree or disagree? Some people think that all teenagers should be required to do unpaid work in their free time to help the local community. Some people believe that parents of children who attend private schools should not need to contribute to state schools through taxes.

At the same time, I do not believe that society has anything to gain from obliging young people to do unpaid work. However, I believe that the purpose of education should be to help children to grow as individuals.

Universities should continue to select the best candidates for each course according to their qualifications.

Personally, I completely disagree with this view.

In conclusion, I do not believe that any financial concessions should be made for people who choose private education. People have different views about what the main purpose of schools should be.

Doing this can only lead to resentment amongst young people, who would feel that they were being used, and parents, who would not want to be told how to raise their children.

In this way, both men and women have the same opportunities, and applicants know that they will be successful if they work hard to achieve good grades at school. Having the same number of men and women on all degree courses is simply unrealistic.

This hobby requires very little equipment, it is simple to learn, and it is inexpensive. In conclusion, teenagers may choose to work for free and help others, but in my opinion we should not make this compulsory. In my opinion, men and women should have the same educational opportunities.

They believe this would benefit both the individual teenager and society as a whole. However, I do not agree that we should therefore force all teenagers to do unpaid work. Secondly, we all pay a certain amount of tax for public services that we may not use.

If an activity is more challenging, we might feel a greater sense of satisfaction when we manage to do it successfully.

Some hobbies are relatively easy, while others present more of a challenge. However, I also believe that the education process has a positive impact on us as individuals. In my case, it took me around two years before I became competent at this activity, but now I enjoy it much more than I did when I started.

Many people argue that the main role of schools is to prepare children for their future jobs. On the one hand, many people enjoy easy hobbies.

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One example of an activity that is easy for most people is swimming. For example, most people are fortunate enough not to have to call the police or fire brigade at any time in their lives, but they would not expect a tax reduction for this.

Finally, if wealthy families were given a tax discount for sending their children to private schools, we might have a situation where poorer people pay higher taxes than the rich. Some people believe that hobbies need to be difficult to be enjoyable.

This will result in a well-educated workforce, and in turn a more productive and prosperous nation. In my opinion, we should all be happy to pay our share of the money that supports public schools. Apart from the practical concerns expressed above, I also believe that it would be unfair to base admission to university courses on gender.col92 academic writing practice for ielts sam mccarter abriendo paso gramatica ground swimming pool bonding diagram acca mock exam answers f9 acca f1 academic writing for ielts sam mccarter absolute beginners guide to vba absco.

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IELTS. Testbuilder Sam McCarter and Tudith Ash ACADEMIC WRITING Further Practice for Task 1 Further Practice for Task 2 93 94 96 SPEAKING/5(9). One example of an activity that is easy for most people is swimming.

This hobby requires very little equipment, it is simple to learn, and it is inexpensive. Tài liệu học IELTS writing: Academic Writing for IELTS by Sam McCarter; IELTS Writing Task 1 – Practice Paraphrasing; IELTS Writing Task 1 – Sample – Describing a diagram.

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