A biography and life work of marco polo a venetian explorer and trader

It is said that Marco Polo replied: There they learned to make palm wine and learned of the properties of coconuts as a drink and food. Such detailed descriptions are not found in other non-Chinese sources, and their accuracy is supported by archaeological evidence as well as Chinese records compiled after Polo had left China.

He had accompanied them on the visit to the pope, and although he was only seventeen, he was imbued with the spirit of the family. Tebaldo, by the name of Gregory X, was the new pope. And as proof of his eclecticism, he also asked the merchants to bring him oil from the lamp of the Holy Sepulcher.

He lived his last years in peace and commerce until his death, on the evening of January 8,a death that, like him, went unnoticed to his compatriots. The first had, each of his own Palace, with three hundred maidens selected and bred many eunuchs.

Unfortunately, the party was soon attacked by banditswho used the cover of a sandstorm to ambush them. After the first of the orders of the Great Khan, they returned to Acre with the holy oil and prepared to seek justification not to comply with the second.

The first to quote Sumatra, divided into several kingdoms, where they stopped for five months because of bad weather. Devoted body and soul to the trade, selling glass lamps, brought to Venice Florentine fabrics or mattered Indigo leaves on a large scale.

Illustration of the book of the wonders Speculations about the writing of the book are based on the loss of the original manuscript.

However, some scholars say that million was the nickname family of the pole by Apheresis of Emilione, so that the title of Il Milionegiven to the book would be tantamount to "Emilione book", or what is the same, "book of Polo". Rustichello, the author of several French novels on King Arthur, readily accepted the possibility of collaborating in the description of the world.

The journey was not easy, but the Polo were a race of indefatigable pioneers; Bought here, sold there, learned strange tongues and discovered new markets, received good treatment everywhere and made good deals with the Mongols. It is assumed that it was strong and sturdy, since he endured long and tiring travel, and by the story of his life, nobody can doubt that was an unquestionable, always attentive observer.

They then entered the region of the steppes and settled in Bolger. But there are those who deny even the Venetian to serve to the Tartar Emperor, holding that the book would be a collection of information gathered by Marco Polo to different traders and travelers arriving at the port of Soldaia Black Seawhich limits our author would have not moved.

The first appointment is Sumatra, divided into several kingdoms, where stopped five months due to bad weather. Impulsive and somewhat stubborn in his youth, tempered it the trip in the company of their relatives much older than him, and became, at the end of his life, lover of the money and the lawsuits, since it not repaired in family ties when it owed him something, as little as it was, which shows that was relentless and rigid in their trade relations.

Biography of Marco Polo

Marco Polo does not mention the great wall, writing china, the practice of acupuncture, the custom of bandaged toes girls, the popular tearooms, nor Taoism or Confucianism. The Commission gave them the invitation to visit him.

Marco Polo, who made a thorough and comprehensive account of everything he saw, devoted only a short page to the precise route that followed from Venice to Xanadu, leaving the reconstruction of the exact itinerary to the readers.

Not much is known about his golden years except that he continued trading and litigated against a cousin. Wonderland populated the accounts of travellers for centuries. Marco Polo had returned from their trips bringing with them great riches, among which perhaps the most valuable was the experience accumulated over twenty-four years of absence.

This installment to a world of contrasts and Splendors animates this extensive narration, gives a poetic universe characters and places it among the most rich testimonies of medieval Europe and the time of the first geographical discoveries. A thousand incidents and unlikely events for his contemporaries crossed his mind.

The narration would be an extraordinary success, while it was considered to be pure fantasy. Had four legitimate women and a large number of concubines.

Is it required much longer to dissipate Fables halo surrounding his book. Kublai received the brothers with hospitality and asked them many questions regarding the European legal and political system. The last will of his wife was that the new consort was chosen by the emperor among the descendants of Genghis Khan.

Nothing is known about the first years of life of that child who must run around the squares and bridges of Venice.

The words of their Venetian dialect were entangled in their language, so that they were supposed to be strangers.

Several researchers are committed to the existence of two or more original versions, as a result of various drafts and attempts. Marco Polo was already forty-five years old and immersed in business.Early life and Asian travel Mosaic of Polo appears as a Great Explorer in the strategy video game Civilization Revolution ().

Marco Polo's voyage from China is used as a backdrop for the plot of Uncharted 2: Marco. Marco Polo Essay Examples. 49 total results. A Focus on the Heroic Traveler and Trader, Marco Polo.

1, words. 4 pages. An Analysis of Marco Polo as a Person and His Expeditions.

words. 2 pages. A Biography and Life Work of Marco Polo, a Venetian Explorer and Trader. words. 2 pages. A Report of the Life and Travels.

Marco Polo () was a Venetian merchant believed to have journeyed across Asia at the height of the Mongol Empire. He first set out at age 17 with his father and uncle, traveling overland. Family and Early Life. John Cabot was the son of a spice merchant, Giulio Caboto. John Cabot Biography.

Author. Marco Polo. Venetian merchant and adventurer Marco Polo traveled from Europe. The travels of Marco Polo from Venice to Asia opened up a whole new world to Europeans.

Marco Polo

Early life. Marco Polo was born around into a wealthy Venetian merchant family, though the actual. Biography of Marco Polo: By the end of the thirteenth century, Venice remained one of the world's largest commercial and maritime powers.

It was common to hear there, in the shadow of the opal domes.

A biography and life work of marco polo a venetian explorer and trader
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