12 little things every filipino can

It is what they say and do which creates impressions about us among foreigners. Always ask for an official receipt Asking for ORs leads to higher tax collections, which means more funds for our government, which could strengthen our economy and lead us to progress. It is, in fact, a mark of a most profound education.

It compels him to do his job right. Inhowever, Lacson and his wife decided to stay in the Philippines. InLacson and his siblings learned that they had a half-brother: This book tells us Filipinos that there are twelve little things that we can do for our country.

Since it is totally without monetary cost, it should be easy for us to comply with, and therefore should provide a good start.

12 Little Things Every Filipino Can Do to Help Our Country

Until then, Lacson had been the valedictorian of his class, but after 12 little things every filipino can boycott, his grade in deportment went down and he graduated as salutatorian.

It is what builds our public schools, hospitals and roads. Buying Pilipino means supporting the Filipino. Awards and honors[ edit ] The awards Lacson has received include: He went on to graduate from Kabankalan Catholic College inwhere he was the salutatorian and student council president.

As Lacson put it in his book: The 12 "little things" are: When you talk to others, especially foreigners speak positively about us and our country. To illustrate this point, let me share this: Check the ones here on Goodreads and you will not find anything that argues any of the twelve little things.

Alex Lacson

This book is a best-seller on its first release about five years ago. For success is the sum, not of our earthly possessions, but of how many times we have shown love and kindness to others. If we learn to follow them, it could be the lowest form of national discipline we can develop as a people.

Talk positively about our country. Families are the core, the basic units of the society.

Or, if you read the book, the suggestion there is: This little book was written by a lawyer in with the aim of having as many Filipinos read this so the language is simple and feels like written by a bright elementary or high school student.

Once in one of my Comparative Politics class under Dr. A culture of discipline is crucial to our destiny as a nation. His father, Jose Ramos Lacson, who had only a high school education, became a land surveyor and eventually a businessman.

It is they who talk to, dine or deal with foreigners either here or abroad. Dispose of your garbage properly. Follow traffic rules — Why is that the most important? Conserve Philippines is the country given to us as a people.

Why should I waste my precious time for it to turn green. Many reviews have been written about this book. There is love of neighbor whenever we respect those in authority.

12 Little Things Every Filipino Can Do

When we help our church, we help The Almighty in His works on earth. Buy local, buy Filipino.

Respect your traffic officer, policeman, and soldier. This article appeared on my old blog about two years back. Only P7 billion of the P83 billion came from businessmen and professionals like doctors, lawyers, accountants and architects, among others. He has also been supporting scholars under World Vision since I agree with some of my friends who thought that this could have been more effective if writt Oftentimes we say that we are just one citizen and we cannot do anything about the problems of the country.Twelve Little Things Every Filipino Can Do To Help Our Country A booklet authored by Alexander Ledesma Lacson entitled “Twelve (12) Little Things Every Filipino Can Do To Help Our Country”, has been making the rounds in Metro Manila.

12 LITTLE THINGS EVERY FILIPINO CAN DO TO HELP OUR COUNTRY Page 2 words like self-flagellation and piqued, that, even with the context clues were hard to understand and one would need a dictionary to know their meaning. Feb 12,  · The book, "12 Little Things Every Filipino Can Do to Help Our Country" by Alexander 'Alex' L.

Lacson, was written when the Philippines was facing a serious financial crisis as publicly announced on July There was a dramatic call for every Filipino to help the country. Batugal, Mark Julius R. AsCiv 4CLM 12 Little Things Every Filipino Can Do to Help Our Country The book written by Alexander Lacson, a lawyer, is proving the power of little things.1/5(1).

Sep 12,  · 12 Little Things Every Filipino Can Do to Help Our Country (Addenda and Annotations) JR Lopez Gonzales AM 1 L ong before running for the Senate inAttorney Alex Lacson was able to publish a book entitled, “12 Little Things Every Filipino Can Do to Help Our Country” in or status of our nation, not just for those who are in the Philippines but also in the eye of the world.

It is very important for us to be aware of that, so that we can make a way to lift up our name and our mother country to the whole of Filipino in how it was before. That a Filipino is a Kabayania 5/5(3).

12 little things every filipino can
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